Paul Boone had 3 Sons…Following the Census Trail, Part 1



As mentioned in the previous post, Paul Boone (1832-1917) was married 3 times. He had 3 sons with his first wife, Nancy Estle (1835-1896). His son’s names were Cornelius Arlonzo, Alva Lorenzo and Aldes Sanford. This picture shows Aldes and Alva in the back with Cornelius and Paul in the front.

Census records from follow the families through the decades.


1860 US Census, Paul Boon

In 1860, Paul is listed in the US Census with his wife Nancy and son Cornelius, in Washington Twp, Hamilton Co., IN. Cornelius was born in 1858. The next family group on the census belongs to his Mother-in-law, Alice “Elsie” Estle.


1870 US Census, Paul Boone


The 1870 Census shows his family has grown with the addition of Alva and Aldes. He is still in Washington Twp, Hamilton Co., IN. Alva was born in 1861 & Aldes in 1868.


1880 US Census, Paul Boone


By 1880, Paul had moved to Marion Twp of Boone Co, IN.

Cornelius has gotten married to Sarah E. and shows up as the next family on the census with their daughter, Bertha E.


The 1890 Census was destroyed by fire, so there is a 20 year gap until the next US Census records. By 1900, Paul’s sons had all married and started their own families. Some of their children were also married and starting families.

Cornelius Arlonzo Boone

Following Cornelius Arlonzo’s trail: From Census and other records I have the information that he was known as “Lon.” He and his wife, Sara Ellen “Ellie” Glaze had 4 children: Bertha E., Bessie M., Edgar M., and Blanche M.


1900 US Census, Cornelius Boone

Cornelius shows up in the 1900 Census as “R’lonzo.” Searching for him by his first name doesn’t get us anywhere. Bertha is already out of the house. His second daughter, Bessie doesn’t even show up in the Census records for his family. So we had to find information about her from other sources. Lon and his family are now in Jackson Twp, Hamilton County, IN which is where they appear in the remaining Census records.


1910 US Census Cornelius Boone

By 1910, the girls are out of the house, Edgar shows up as the next family in the Census with his wife and daughter. The family name is spelled “Boon.” Note that Sarah E has a “4/3” after her name. This indicates that she had 4 children and only 3 are still living. Other records show that daughter, Bessie, has died.


1920 US Census, Cornelius Boone


1930 US Census, Cornelius Boone

The final 2 Census records from 1920 and 1930 have Cornelius and Sarah living on their own. They own a house and he is a “groceryman.” Note that Cornelius has an R after his name in 1920—I suppose this is for “R’lonzo.” Then 1930, his middle initial looks like an “O.” Lon died in 1936.

I’ll continue with the other 2 sons, Alva and Aldes next time…

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