Paul Boone had 3 Sons…Following the Census Trail, Part 2

Continuing from the last post, following the Census records for Paul Boone’s 3 sons. Here are the records for Alva and Aldes Boone:

Alva Lorenzo Boone

I’ve mentioned Alva Lorenzo (my GG Grandfather) in a previous post. He married Sarah Alzada “Allie” Erp. They had 6 children, with 2 dying as infants. Nora Mabel and Chauncy died young. Their other children were Chester Emmett, Rachel Gertrude, Mary Geneva and Richard Edwin.


1900 US Census, Alva Boone

In 1900, Alva and Allie were living in Sugar Creek Twp, Clinton Co, IN. Sarah Erp, his mother-in-law is also part of the household. The record shows that Allie has had 4 children with only 3 living. Nora Mabel doesn’t show up in the Census records and has already died. “Hester” is actually Chester, but is difficult to decipher.


1910 US Census, Alva Boone

1910 finds them in Adams Twp, Hamilton County, IN, which is where they will reside for the rest of their lives. Edwin is listed as “Edmond.”




1920 US Census, Alva Boone


1930 US Census, Alva Boone


1940 US Census, Alva Boone

The 1920, 1930 and 1940 Census records have Alva and Allie at home on the farm. Edwin stays with them until he gets married—note he is listed as Richard E. and Edwin. Alva’s name also changes in 1930, it looks like it is “Alsa.” So, again other records are needed to even find their other son, Chauncey and to clarify the names.

Aldes Sanford Boone

Aldes Sanford Boone married Eliza Candace Kingsolver. They had 10 children: William Hobart, Grace Pauline, Ruth Marie, Mary Edith, Paul M, Edna Gladys, Dorothy May, Eva Delores, Kenneth Sanford and Geneva Maxine.


1900 US Census, Paul Boone, Aldes Boone

Aldes lived in Marion Twp of Boone County, IN in 1900, showing up just after his father, Paul. He raised his family on this farm.


1910 US Census, Aldes Boone

The 1910 record has more children added to the family.


1920 US Census, Aldes Boone

By 1920, Grace and Ruth have moved on, Edith M. becomes Mary, “Dortha” (Dorothy) disappears and 2 more children have been added to the family. Dorothy may be visiting someone at the time the Census taker made rounds. So she may show up with another family.


1930 US Census, Aldes Boone

The 1930 Census record has some of the children still at home. Note that Dorothy has returned. Aldes died in 1931.

So there we have it, following the US Census records for Paul’s 3 sons. Obviously, these records are a good start for finding the family relationships, but other records are needed to complete the story.

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