80 Years Ago Today…

September 20, 1936, 80 years ago, my grandparents got married!

margloranLoran R McKinley was almost 20 and his bride, Margaret P Millikan had just turned 19 a few days before. Loran was the son of Oscar McKinley and Gertrude Portis. Margaret was the daughter of Arza Millikan and Mary Boone.

They got married in West Elkton, Ohio at the Friends Church at 5 p.m. Loran’s Uncle, Elbert Portis, performed the ceremony. I have no pictures of the wedding or from the wedding day that I know of. There are some snapshots from a trip they made to West Elkton in August 1936. Such a cute young couple!

There is a news clipping announcing the wedding. It mentions that Mr. & Mrs. Myron McKinley (Loran’s brother) were attendants. Listed guests included Margaret’s parents and brother, Clark; Loran’s mother, Gertrude; Uncle Elbert’s wife, Esther & some of her family who lived in West Elkton.

Grandma recorded in her diary from that “big day” that they had a big dinner with 4 cakes!

Also in her diary was a loose piece of paper that looks like the gift list. Some of the gifts they received were: a matching 7 piece water set, cookie jar & jelly dish; a 6 serving glass ware set with plates, pie plates, goblets; salt & pepper shakers, creamer & sugar bowl, 4 cake plates; a wool Indian blanket; a pie plate and medium baking dish; serving tray; pink & white candlewick bedspread; pale blue glass candle holders; mixing bowl; measuring cup; 2 piece juicer; additional cake plates; kitchen utensils; noodle cutter; double boiler; toaster; linens; towels; table lamp; magazine table; tea kettle. They actually got several salt & pepper shakers, a few potato mashers and a couple of egg beaters.

They started their life together in rented rooms in Middletown, OH. Grandpa was working at the American Rolling Mills Company (ARMCO Steel works). He was also training to become an overhead crane operator there.

They had 3 children together, 2 boys and a girl and moved several times through the years throughout central Indiana. They finally settled in Sheridan, IN, which is where Grandma was from.

Margaret also wrote “May I ever keep things as they are now—Happy—Love–etc. & may they ever grow deeper.” Sadly, while they started out happily, Grandma’s wish didn’t completely come true as they were divorced after about 28 years. But without this union, my Dad & his siblings wouldn’t be here to carry on the line through their descendants.

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