From 3 log cabin to a house in town

So how long did George & Mariah Portis really live in that 3 log cabin mentioned in the last post?

They show up in the 1900 US Census, renting a home on W Harrison St. in Martinsville, IN. Their daughter, Bertha Crider & her son Goldie F (probably Frank) live with them. Also in the home are a son “Elmer” (probably Elbert) & daughters Gertrude & Georgie.

In the 1910 US Census, 70 year old George & 61 year old Mariah are listed with their son Elbert and granddaughter Floy Urton, living on Hucker St in Brooklyn, IN. They own a home at that time. George is also listed as being able to read but not write. I could not find Hucker street in Brooklyn but there is a “Hooker” street. Hooker street travels North/South and turns West into High street.

So here are George & Mariah on the front porch of their house in Brooklyn.mariahgeorgeportis-copyGeorge died in 1916. In the 1920 US Census, Mariah shows up with Oscar and Gertrude McKinley and their boys, Myron and Loran in Brooklyn, IN. No street name is listed in this census.

Here is a picture of Mariah, Oscar, Gertrude and the boys on the front porch. The same front porch as shown in the above picture.brooklynhouseSo, in 1996, after I got started in researching the Family History, Grandpa (Loran McKinley) took me on a road trip to show me where he grew up in Brooklyn, IN. He drove up High street and pointed out the house he had lived in.brooklynhouse1996The house didn’t look very different from the old pictures & was still standing strong after about 80 years! I’ve been past it a few more times during the years, just to make sure it is still there. Pretty cool!

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