1930’s Snow Days

With the recent winter storms affecting the country, I got to thinking about some pictures taken of my ancestors after snow storms. I think these pictures date to sometime in the 1930’s.

First, pictures of the relatives from Indiana:

Millikan166nBetAClark copy

This is sister and brother, Betty Lou (1921-1990) and Arza Clark (1925-1975) Millikan, probably taken on or near their farm in Sheridan, IN. Looks like they may have enjoyed playing in the snow.

Then their older siblings, Miriam Frances (1918-2018) and Margaret Pauline (1917-2007) Millikan checked out the mound of snow left by the plows. Margaret was my paternal Grandmother.

Millikan101nFranMargsnow copy

Finally, a picture from Wisconsin:

LucilleSnow1 copy

This is my maternal Grandmother, Lucille Beiersdorf (1920-2011) pictured in front of her home at 2211 South 14thStreet, Sheboygan, WI. Looks like the plows did a good job of piling up the snow!

So I guess taking pictures in the snow seems to have been just as popular in the past as it is now. Glad to have these memories to share.

Happy New Year!

© MJM 2022

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