100 Years Ago Today…

… a baby girl was born!

That baby girl was my Grandmother, Lucille Marie Beiersdorf. She was born to Herman Beiersdorf (1895-1983) and Amanda (Steinhaus) Beiersdorf (1894-1973) in Port Washington, Wisconsin. Herman was working in Port Washington as a foreman when Lucille was born. However, they soon returned to Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where she would grow up. 

I have Lucille’s Baby Book, titled “All About Me” and it gives the vital information regarding her birth and routine during her first year:

Most of the people who gave her gifts were relatives. Looks like she got several pairs of booties and stockings.

She took early outings to the shore with her parents.

She had her own little dolly and baby carriage to play with as a toddler.

So what happened to this baby? She was an only child and grew up in Sheboygan with her parents. Both the Beiersdorf and Steinhaus families lived in Sheboygan, so she had many cousins to hang out with. She travelled twice to Germany with her husband, John Chvarack (1916-1967) and 2 daughters while John was in the US Army. She ended up in Salinas, California after returning to the USA in the 1960s and when John died, she stayed in California. She celebrated her 90thbirthday with 3 parties in 2010. She died in 2011, having lived a full life. I expect there may be more stories to tell about Lucille.

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