Dear Friend…

I have this letter in my collection. It was sent to “Miss Mary Boone, Sheridan, Ind.” The date of the letter is Feb. 16, 1915. Mary was 17 years old.




Arza Millikan

So Arza Millikan was asking Mary for a date! He was 31 years old. Quite a difference in age, but I guess they hit it off, as they got married November 22, 1916. They were my Great-Grandparents.

A few notes about the letter:

“Elfleda” was Elfleda Emery, a good friend of Mary’s. They were in the same class at Sheridan High School.

“Lamong” was probably Lamong Friends Meeting.

“Bob Wilson” was a neighbor of Arza’s Grandfather, Clark Millikan. Arza spent much of his time helping out at Clark’s farm. From what I can tell, “Hazel” Wilson survived the scarlet fever.

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